Pet Safety for Older Adults

Senior couple sitting on park bench in the fall weather with their pet cat and dog

A February 2022 study from the University of Florida showed that when it comes to your memory health, your dog is indeed a very good boy! For that matter, your feline friends and even fish and turtles provide a brain boost. Sociology doctoral candidate Jennifer Applebaum led the study of 1,300 seniors, which found that…

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When It Comes to Fall Prevention, Plan Ahead!

group of adult men and women in a fitness studio stretching out their arms during yoga class

We plan for health care during our senior years. We strategize our retirement finances. We make a plan about where to live, and how to remain socially connected. But there’s one other thing we might have forgotten. A new study shows that having a plan for preventing falls is also very important! A SUNY Binghamton…

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How Are Seniors Doing as the Pandemic Continues?

middle age woman and older woman wearing masks sitting on park bench filing out paperwork

From the beginning of the pandemic, much attention has been paid to older adults, who are at highest risk of serious illness from COVID-19, and who have faced isolation and an interruption to their regular activities as they practiced social distancing. Recent figures show that 75% of people who have died from the virus are…

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Police Need Training Issues of Older Adults

policewoman and policeman standing beside squad car looking at the camera

Leah’s father has Alzheimer’s disease and lives with her. Leah is usually careful that Dad doesn’t leave the house alone, but one night she forgot to lock the door, and in the morning, Dad was gone. Then the police called. Although Dad had quit smoking 20 years before, this morning he had gone into a…

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Are You Feeling Mental Fuzziness As Pandemic Wanes?

mental fuzziness

Do you ever feel like you’re experiencing mental fuzziness? Experts from Northwestern University Medicine (NU) recently reported that many people are suffering from “brain haze” or “brain fog”—which can even be seen in MRI imaging!

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