American Diabetes Month: Things You Should Know!

Those of you who live with or work in diabetes probably know that November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. However, did you know 1 out of 5 people in the United States have diabetes? Diabetes is also the leading cause of disability and death in the United States. Here at Holistic Aging, we want to provide the tools you need to decrease your risk of diabetes or diabetes to ensure a healthy life.

The importance of a diagnosis

First things first is knowing the importance of the diagnosis. Regular visits to your primary provider can help you stay on top of your health including catching diabetes to make an early diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, don’t let it discourage you from living a happy and healthy life.

What changes should you make this month?

Get more exercise – You can improve your health and lower your risk of diabetes by increasing your exercise. You can increase your exercise by doing simple things like taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator. 

Sleep a little more – You can also improve your health by getting more sleep. Not getting enough sleep can increase insulin resistance. This means your body requires more insulin to get glucose into your cells. Lack of sleep will lead to higher blood glucose levels which can cause diabetes. 

Eat healthier –  Consume more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Maintain a diet that consists of less sugar and salt. It’s also important to eat three meals a day at a regular mealtime.

Do you need help paying for your insulin?

If you need help paying for your insulin, you may be able to get Medicare drug coverage. Open Enrollment for this coverage starts 1/1/2021. You can visit to find a plan that offers this savings in your state.

For the millions of us living with diabetes, it’s a chance to tell our stories and awaken the world. Share your story today at