Care Manager Pittsburgh

Care Manager Pittsburgh

Life Care Managers are familiar with strategies and resources to ensure that proper care is provided whether in the home or facility setting. As a Life Care Manager, our goals are to ensure that a patient may function at the highest level of independence, in the least restrictive living environment as long as possible, while recognizing changes and modifications to the plan of may need to be made along the way.

Life Care Managers help your family and loved elders navigate the healthcare maze. Working closely with families, the professional, licensed experts of Holistic Aging – Options For Elder Care LLC provide answers at a time of uncertainty. Their guidance leads families to actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for their loved ones thus reducing worry, stress, and time off work for family caregivers.

Services Performed by Life Care Mangers:

  • RN Disease Management: With a registered nurse (RN) assigned to every case, we effectively bring older adults’ life and “disease” back into balance.; we can reduce hospitalizations and the need for aggressive medical treatments.
  • Appropriate Living Environment: Home is always the best to start with, so we assure a safe and caring environment. When this can no longer be accomplished, our 40 years of experience allows us to know what facilities provide quality care, will customize our recommendations to the client’s specific needs and financial budget, and oversee that the care provided continues to serve our client well. Our ethical standards prevent us from receiving any financial incentive from any facility.
  • Memory Disorders: Our Life Care Managers are experts in navigating older adults and their families through the demanding road ahead in caring for someone with varying dementia’s. We can help the family determine the long-term options that are best suited for your loved one.
  • Medication Management: Too often during our initial assessments, we see clients prescribed too many medications by multiple healthcare providers. We become the provider that knows the patient’s complete medication picture and assure they do not have adverse drug reactions.
  • Advocate at Doctor appointments: The Life Care Manager plays an important role with all the providers (doctors, physical therapists, dentists, etc.) of medical care for the client. Life Care Managers act as the central point of contact. Life Care Managers have the tools to ensure client preferences are clearly outlined and maintained in all aspects of care. We usually accompany our clients to all their doctor appointments acting as the clinical liaison.
  • Local Resources: We have expert knowledge of all the services available in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Ultimately, this knowledge helps ensure clients can tap into all entitlement programs that they qualify for.
  • Family Dynamics: Many of our adult children of loved ones live out of town. Life Care Managers use their skills to get past family dynamics such as those that prevent a care giver and their loved ones from living quality lives. We do are best to ensure all opinions are respected. Often, the act of hiring an expert for advice can be the solution in and of itself.
  • Financial and Legal: Services may include reviewing or overseeing bill paying, analysis of long-term insurance benefits, or consulting with a client’s accountant or Financial POA to maximize the use of their budget. Our Life Care Managers work with Elder Law Attorneys to assure all legal paperwork is up-to-date and benefits are maximized

Life Care Manager services with Holistic Aging can save you time, money, and the frustration of figuring out the system. If you would like assistance from educated licensed, certified professionals contact us directly at 412-486-6677 or through our contact form.

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