Close up of a senior woman and her daughter having a discussion with doctor in doctors office

If a Senior Loved One is Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Can Family Talk to the Doctor?

Everyone in the family is worried about Mom’s memory problems—but she insists nothing is wrong. She had a doctor appointment yesterday. Can family find out what the health care professional thinks? This is a complicated issue with lots of gray areas! In the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s disease, a senior and their family may be…

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policewoman and policeman standing beside squad car looking at the camera

Police Need Training Issues of Older Adults

Leah’s father has Alzheimer’s disease and lives with her. Leah is usually careful that Dad doesn’t leave the house alone, but one night she forgot to lock the door, and in the morning, Dad was gone. Then the police called. Although Dad had quit smoking 20 years before, this morning he had gone into a…

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Shot of a senior woman moving house with help from her daughter

Reducing Caregiver Stress When a Loved One Has Alzheimer’s Disease

A study published by the American Psychosomatic Society looked at the effect of caregiver stress on blood pressure. Learn more!

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senior safety

Holiday Gifts for Senior Safety

Give the gift of senior safety; preparedness! This is a great time for the whole family to show their love and care for senior relatives.

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November Is National Family Caregiver Month. More Than Ever Before, Family Caregivers Need Our Help.

23% of family caregivers say their health has suffered due to their caregiving responsibilities.

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Digital Equity

UN Event Focuses on Digital Equity for Older Adults

This year’s theme was “Digital Equity for All Ages,” highlighting “the need for access and meaningful participation in the digital world by older persons.”

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Grandparent Scam

Phone Scams Targeting the Elderly

In a grandparent scam, the impostor pretends to be a young relative who is in some kind of trouble and needs money right away.

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Pain catastrophizing

Pain Insights from Penn State Are Especially Relevant Today

Pain catastrophizing is a “feeling an exaggerated helplessness or hopelessness” about pain, perhaps expressed in thought patterns like “the pain is terrible and it’s never going to get any better” or “I can’t stand the pain anymore.”

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Healthy Aging

September Is Healthy Aging Month. What Does It Mean to “Age Successfully”?

September Is Healthy Aging Month. So what Does It Mean to “Age Successfully”? Everyone is different so that means everyone will experience this differently.

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Navigating Parent/Grandparent Conflicts

Navigating Parent/Grandparent Conflicts

Navigating parent/grandparent conflicts can be so fraught and difficult. “Old business” between parents and grandparents can bubble to the surface.

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