Self-Neglect Is an Underreported Type of Elder Abuse

senior woman sitting alone near window of her house looking sadly outside at winter scenery

When Jane and Kathy came home for the holidays to visit their mother, they were worried about what they saw. Mom’s usually spotless house was dirty and unkempt, and the furnace wasn’t working properly. Though Mom had always taken pride in her wardrobe, she was wearing her bathrobe all day. She seemed painfully thin, and…

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Is It Safe for My Loved One With Dementia to Own a Gun?

open dresser drawer with gun sitting on top of folded clothing

The debate over guns has heated up during the past few years. But one thing most everyone on the firearm ownership opinion spectrum agrees about is that sometimes it is unsafe for an individual with mental illness to have access to guns. What about older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia? Researchers from the…

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