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Servicing Pittsburgh PA and Surrounding Counties

Welcome to Holistic Aging - We are focused on helping older adults in Pittsburgh Age Well

Our professional experts help families find quality solutions and support the lives of the aging adults. We specialize in Aging Life Care Management™ and also offer a variety of holistic solutions geared towards caring for the whole person.


Aging Life Care Management

Life Care Managers help your family and loved elders navigate the healthcare maze. Learn More >

Dementia Care

Holistic Aging is frequently called upon to assist families who are trying to navigate the management of a person with Dementia in and around Pittsburgh PA. Learn More >

About Us

Life Care Management services offered through Holistic Aging-Options For Elder Care is based upon a belief that. Learn More >

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Lisa Schneider

Very helpful and caring agency. The staff are knowledgeable and dedicated to assisting with elder care. They know about resources and nursing facilities in the Pittsburgh area and provided wonderful staff to help oversee and supplement my mother's care. As a working mother, I greatly appreciated their help since I was unable to be at my mother's nursing home every day.


Lori Wynn

As a physical therapist over the last year, I have worked with some of the clients of Holistic Aging. The clients are accompanied by the excellent caregivers of Holistic Aging to their appointments. I have spent a good amount of time witnessing the way that these caregivers attend to their clients. The clients are treated by the staff like they are family. The details of their lives are well known and their well-being is top priority. On numerous occasions, I have needed to communicate with the staff, and this is always seamless. If I had family in need of elder care, I would be eager to have one of these exceptionally caring staff of Holistic Aging be a part of the team.


ourBurgh Family

I recommend Holistic Aging. Firstly, if you are reading this, I’m sending you my heartfelt care, because it probably means that you are in the midst of navigating the painful circumstance of managing a loved one’s difficult end-of-life situation. This is inevitably stressful, both for them and you. I am so sorry. But I also commend you for your courage to step up, do your homework and find the healthiest, most positive ways forward.

My family worked with Holistic Aging for almost a decade, over the course of a family member’s long and challenging journey with dementia. Holistic Aging's support was so important to us all, every step of the way.

Support is the key word here- it is something both you and your loved one absolutely need, in different ways. As the person responsible for your loved one’s well-being, you will need clear-headed, experienced, respectful help navigating the care options available. Throughout our years of working together, Holistic Aging's founder and staff consistently provided me with thoughtful, informed guidance about options, and creatively adapted and evolved care plans to meet our loved one’s changing needs, in the sincere interest of providing them with the best quality of life possible, at each stage of their journey.

Holistic Aging’s founder, Bobbi Kolonay, is passionate about her work. She is a pioneer in the field of holistic elder care who brings decades of experience within the elder care community to her clients’ benefit. Bobbi and her company excel in a field that is too often not given the attention it deserves because death and dying, particularly in vulnerable circumstances like dementia care, can be a very emotionally fraught experience for families.

Sometimes there is mixed oversight within the elder care industry, and perhaps because of its painful nature, it can be hard for families to really look at and deal with the care process. And sometimes this can lead to loved ones not receiving all the attention they need. My family chose to work with Holistic Aging because they offer a multi-level framework, with RN case care managers overseeing well-vetted caregivers, which adds layers of security to ensuring that loved ones are being taken care of properly. My family’s experience with Holistic Aging’s management was positive- we learned so much from Bobbi and the truly excellent care managers and caregivers who touched our lives.

From my Burgh family to yours, we wish you well with your journey. I hope you find your best ways forward, bringing as much peace of mind, and love, as possible to yourself and those dear to you.


Julie Densmore

The Best Medical Investment and Care Decision Our Family Has Made.

I highly recommend Holistic Aging for their Life Care Manager support of an aging loved one who may be living in the Pittsburgh area. Bobbi and her team of qualified individuals are compassionate and trained in geriatric care management. They have provided unsurpassed medical and general support for my 85 year old mother-in-law (MIL) over the past 2 years while we are living on the West Coast. Their services provide us with peace-of-mind and confidence that our loved one is safe and cared for even when we cannot be present. Their expert care has enabled my MIL to live comfortably alone in her home. They have helped to systematically address and resolve my MILs growing medical issues and ensure that her most pressing challenges are adequately managed. Our life care manager, Kristi - who is a RN - accompanies my MIL to all doctor appointments to ask the right questions during the visit. Kristi maintains a comprehensive picture of my MIL's health conditions and acts as her personal advocate at all doctor visits. We chose Holistic Aging for their fusion of both East and Western treatment modalities that are tailored to the unique individual so along with medical care, my MIL has received acupuncture, nutritional supplements, massage, and myofacial release therapies - all considered to be "alternative" to treatments and normally would not have been offered. However, each of these treatments have majorly improved my MIL's well-being so we welcome the East/West treatment fusion that Holistic Aging provides. We are incredibly grateful and impressed with the service that Holistic Aging provides for our family. I highly recommend them for care of a loved one. Thank you Bobbi and Kristi!

Rebekah Simpson

Bobbi and her team of care manager's have been a "God Send" to our family. My mother has Alzheimer's disease and with family all over the country, we were not able to assist mom with the needed care she required to continue to live a meaningful life. A friend of ours had used Options For Elder Care services and highly recommend them. They know everything there is to know about Alzheimer's, not only improving my mom's life but realizing the stress of our entire family. We will continue to have challenges as mom progresses through Alzheimer's but feel confident being directed by this care management company.

Dianna Long

Personally sought advice and counsel from the owner - very helpful and knowledgeable about reimbursement and geriatric aging. Owner keeps up to date on all related geriatric trends and medication trends. True desire to change and help the lives of those aging - to improve the quality of life and ensure maximum reimbursement.

Carina Didiano

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Renee’s work as a nurse with her clients, who are in their early 90’s. I have worked with her for a while now and she has such a good heart, especially when it comes to her clients well being. She always goes above and beyond for all of them! She deserves the recognition.

Morgan Grimes

Not only does this agency provide excellent care for their cliental, they are a wonderful agency to work for. The office staff is compassionate and caring not only about their work but their employees as well. The entire staff has very open communication that makes the care individualized and highly affective.

Holistic Aging Client

It is difficult to put into words how much Susan’s work with Holistic Aging has meant to our family. After my father passed away, he left behind our widowed mother, physically weak, depressed and living at some distance from family. She was vulnerable in so many ways, needing help with things including medical and nursing care, physical therapy, transportation, financial protection, troubleshooting and coordinating a complex array of services. We found that we just couldn’t manage everything from a distance, and that what we needed more than anything else was someone acting as Mom’s advocate and coordinating her access to needed supports. Susan stepped in and really took charge of the situation, keeping tabs on everything happening on the medical front, not only making sure that key appointments were made and kept, but also accompanying Mom to them and maintaining organized health reports. Susan ensured that no one was taking financial advantage, that in-home caregivers were providing adequate support, and even that home maintenance problems were addressed. She really made an effort to understand our mother and her unique needs. Susan was willing to play bad cop as necessary, dismissing caregivers who weren’t up to the job, arranging for better ones to be put in place, making sure that physical therapy proceeded on schedule, and pushing back on advice from any service sellers that didn’t serve our mother’s interests. Because Susan was so organized, committed, and pro-active, we are in a much improved situation now: Mom’s health, mental outlook and physical conditioning are all better than they were a couple of years ago. Having Susan there was the closest thing we could manage to actually having a family member on-site to look after our mother.

David Rios

We could not have made it through the past three plus years caring for our parents without the help of Holistic Aging. We only had one family member living locally in Pittsburgh and the burden of caring for both my parents was placed on that sibling. We chose Holistic Aging, after initially hiring another less seasoned firm in Pittsburgh, and were very disappointed with their service.

My father was in his upper 80’s and had frequent trips to the hospital, which resolved once Susan came on-board. My mother has Alzheimer’s disease and it was becoming difficult for remember things. Susan guided and supported us through dad’s eventual gracious passing and the team of Holistic Aging continues to provide advice, care and projected into the future the care mom will need.

We would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for help with their family members.


Nancy Reese

Options for Elder Care has been a reliable and responsive partner for our family in providing care for my father. Thanks to Bobbi and the team, my parents have been able to stay in their home, which is a situation we simply would not be able to sustain without such expert help.