The Value of Life Care Management

You need help caring for your parent. As you are researching, you see information about facilities, hospitalizations, states of decline, the benefits of a parent living at home, caregiver services, and more. With every new discovery, you are more overwhelmed about the situation.

At some point, you come across the concept of Life Care Management. It sounds great but can you really trust what the experts are saying about their own services? If not the ones providing the services, how about the people like you that researched and utilized life care management themselves?

Good news! Earlier this year, the ALCA Florida Chapter published research regarding the effectiveness of Life Care Managers from the perspective of the responsible parties, like you, that seek this help. What pieces of Life Care Management are valuable for clients and their families? The results are not a surprise.

About the ALCA:

The Aging Life Care Association, or ALCA, is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for older adults with holistic and client center approach. This organization has many chapters with dedicated members that are educated in providing the best service, maintaining and creating the best care and opportunities for the aging adult. These individuals follow strict guidelines and standards to the benefit and comfort of all their clients.

About this Study:

We all know that sometimes things can sound too good to be true. When if comes to researching the best options for your loved ones as they grow old this is especially true. You want to make sure your aging love one gets the proper care and support so they can live a life that is fulfilling for whatever time they have. This is hard to do when trying to manage your own life. Where do you go to find the best answers? Many of us look to our peers that have shared our experience and found the answer.

The ALCA’s Florida chapter realized the vast importance of this insight for their clients and decide to take note. Back around 2014 they started to put together a research project focusing on their clients’ experiences with Life Care Management. Not only would this research help them to strengthen their service but also to help inform potential clients of the benefits they will find within this service. Earlier this year they complete their research and have provide the results for anyone who needs them to see!

Who Participated?

During this project the ACLA reach out to their own Life Care Managers to talk to current clients and responsible parties. They asked them to complete an anonymous survey.  82% of the respondents where family members of the clients. The rest were varying guardians and officers.

What did they find?

  • “97% of Responsible Party respondents felt that engaging an Aging Life Care Manager had a positive overall effect on the client.”
  • “99% [of Responsible Party respondents] said that engaging Aging Life Care Manager Services had a positive effect on their own lives.
  • “Most respondents reported they engaged the professional because:
  • Family did not live near the client so that they needed a local contact for care
    • concerned about changes in the client’s status
    • client was experiencing a crisis at the time the professional services were sought
    • seeking a professional assessment to explore options for the client’s care”
  • “Most Common Services Performed by Life Care Managers
    • Assessing, monitoring and updating responsible party on client’s needs
    • Managing crises, safety concerns or conflicts in the client’s life
    • Advocating and coordinating for the client’s medical concerns
    • Providing support and services that preserve the client’s independence
    • Offering activities that enhance the client’s social support and quality of life
    • Providing impaired memory support and services”

For more information about this study’s findings, click here!

All the above quotes and statistics were taken from the above link to the ALCA Florida Chapter’s Research results.

Is Life Care Management for you?

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