Life Care Manager

Life Care Manager

How can a Life Care Manager help individuals who have Dementia and their families?

Life Care Manager

It is important to obtain an accurate diagnosis of what type of dementia you have to maximize benefits from treatment and understand more about prognosis and symptoms. Our staff at Holistic Aging are very familiar with all the types of dementia and will frequently discussing our findings with the doctor to get the correct diagnosis.

Although at present there’s no cure for the varying types of dementia, there are ways you can slow it down and maintain mental function if it’s diagnosed in the early stages.

A Life Care Manager can help people with dementia:

  • get the correct diagnosis
  • develop a support system to prepare and plan for the future
  • encourage the person with dementia to take an active role in their condition
  • customize a plan of care to meet the individual’s needs. It’s important to remember that everyone experiences dementia and its progression in their own way.
  • offer suggestions to allow the person with dementia to be able to lead active and fulfilled lives
  • coach the family and care providers on ways to communicate with people with dementia
  • assure a safe environment
  • improve the symptoms and slow the progression of the disease
  • cope with changes in behavior
  • offer recommendations when driving becomes a concern
  • monitor money management and financial safety
  • familiar with methods to recommend when the person will not accept help
Life Care Manager

Life Care Managers are familiar with strategies and resources to ensure that proper care is provided whether in the home or facility setting. As a Life Care Manager, our goals are to ensure that a patient may function at the highest level of independence, in the least restrictive living environment as long as possible, while recognizing changes and modifications to the plan of may need to be made along the way.

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Written by:
Barbara Kolonay, RN BSN MS and
Jennifer Ilconich, BS MA CCC-SLP