Are You Feeling Mental Fuzziness As Pandemic Wanes?

mental fuzziness

Do you ever feel like you’re experiencing mental fuzziness? Experts from Northwestern University Medicine (NU) recently reported that many people are suffering from “brain haze” or “brain fog”—which can even be seen in MRI imaging!

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Should April Fool’s Day Be a Health Holiday?

Health Holiday

We could all use a laugh these days, couldn’t we? We sure could, and science backs up how good that could be for our all-around well-being. Up until recently, few researchers paid much scholarly attention to humor as part of the human experience. But now, scientists from various disciplines are analyzing the workings of humor…

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Remodeling the “Food Pyramid” for Seniors

graphic of Healthy eating plate. Infographic chart with proper nutrition proportions. Food balance tips. Vector illustration isolated on a light beige background

March is National Nutrition Month. Many people assume the nutritional requirements that you see in the Food Pyramid for younger adults is the same for seniors. But a report released by the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) revealed that it’s not that simple. The researchers warned, “Nutrition recommendations are usually…

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