Life Care Management in Pittsburgh Forms

Typical workflow of an assessment with Holistic Aging*

  1. Holistic Aging receives all required paperwork and retainer.
  2. Holistic Aging president reviews paperwork received for completeness and content; client is on-boarded into our software and billing system (1.5 hrs. if family questionnaire is complete).
  3. A Life Care Managers reviews content of family questionnaire to prepare for assessment and calls family and /or client to set up a time/date for the assessment. M-F start time 10 am – 2pm. (1 hour)
  4. Life Care Manager drives to current residence of client and completes assessment (varies from 2-4 hours depending on complexity of the case).
  5. Life Care Manager writes up a summary of findings/recommendations by analyzing family questionnaire, her assessment findings and research conducted, then emails this out to the family for review prior to the meeting. (2-3 hrs. depending on complexity of the case).
  6. Life Care Manager sets up a time to have either an in-person meeting, zoom call or TC call to discuss findings. Findings discussed and mutual goals determined by the family (1.5-2 hrs.).
  7. A Life Care Manager is assigned to the case if family desires continual service, and initial goals implemented.

*This time is not guaranteed, it can be more or less depending on the situation, but just to offer you some insight into our workflow-estimate billing time.

Directions for start up services with Holistic Aging Life Care Management Services:

  1. Please choose ONE of  the contract form above as directed by Holistic Aging.
  2. Please complete all THREE of the forms below the line. DO NOT complete the Yellow highlighted area of the HIPPA form.
  3. Upload these forms in the “choose file”, enter your name and choose submit.
  4. Pay the QuickBooks invoice for the retainer that was sent to you.
  5. Once the retainer and forms are all received, we will call to set up an assessment date.
  6. Feel free to email info@holisticaging with any questions/concerns.

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