Wandering Is a Common Challenge When a Loved One Has Dementia

Portrait of modern senior woman walking in the park

It seems that every week we come across a news article about a senior with dementia who goes missing, or receive a Silver Alert asking people to be on the lookout for a lost elder. Most of these incidents have a happy ending; perhaps the person is found at a store they remember, or in…

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Does the Woodstock Generation Have a Drug Problem?

senior couple dressed in hippie attire showing PEACE sign with hands

Timothy Leary’s “turn on, tune in, drop out” … hippies passing around a joint at a music festival … rock bands taking drug-fueled “trips.” That’s the stereotype of the baby boomers, and several studies from 2022 suggest that many members of the generation—people born from 1946 to 1964—have not given up illicit drug use, most…

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Pet Safety for Older Adults

Senior couple sitting on park bench in the fall weather with their pet cat and dog

A February 2022 study from the University of Florida showed that when it comes to your memory health, your dog is indeed a very good boy! For that matter, your feline friends and even fish and turtles provide a brain boost. Sociology doctoral candidate Jennifer Applebaum led the study of 1,300 seniors, which found that…

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When It Comes to Fall Prevention, Plan Ahead!

group of adult men and women in a fitness studio stretching out their arms during yoga class

We plan for health care during our senior years. We strategize our retirement finances. We make a plan about where to live, and how to remain socially connected. But there’s one other thing we might have forgotten. A new study shows that having a plan for preventing falls is also very important! A SUNY Binghamton…

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Self-Neglect Is an Underreported Type of Elder Abuse

senior woman sitting alone near window of her house looking sadly outside at winter scenery

When Jane and Kathy came home for the holidays to visit their mother, they were worried about what they saw. Mom’s usually spotless house was dirty and unkempt, and the furnace wasn’t working properly. Though Mom had always taken pride in her wardrobe, she was wearing her bathrobe all day. She seemed painfully thin, and…

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Is It Safe for My Loved One With Dementia to Own a Gun?

open dresser drawer with gun sitting on top of folded clothing

The debate over guns has heated up during the past few years. But one thing most everyone on the firearm ownership opinion spectrum agrees about is that sometimes it is unsafe for an individual with mental illness to have access to guns. What about older adults with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia? Researchers from the…

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